Blockchain Product Development Case Study

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Blockchain, a technology keeping limitations at bay.

Blockchain technology plays a crucial role in the financial sector but it has been leveraged to go beyond its origins (based on cryptocurrencies), and is now made available to enterprises that can and want to take advantage of it.

NetSet delved into Blockchain and catalyzed real estate investment for a US client, facilitated crypto subscription payments for a local marketer, explored distributed ledger for a banking application, utilized hyper ledger & smart contracts for secure execution of transactions in web & mobile version of a video chat app, etc.

The Challenge

Every business had a distinct set of challenges presented to us which were overseen with innovative techniques applied in place.

  • Vector progress & results of Blockchain Product Development
  • Tokenize financial assets for more efficiency and productivity
  • Optimize payment settlements & authenticate public/private transactions
  • Enhance transaction volume & network resilience
  • Secure and manipulate a huge amount of data
  • Bring traceability and trust for different business ecosystems

Our Approach

The newest bet technology has a reputation challenge along with some more significant areas of focus, concerning technical and organizational issues. These complaints were addressed by our blockchain experts, providing custodial services and solutions with high end-results.

  • Gather sufficient data from clients over the areas of improvement
  • Setup a dedicated blockchain team aligned for the undertaken project
  • Work closely with clients, encouraging transparency
  • Asset digitization also offers a liquidity bridge between private and public securities
  • Tokenized securities settled with distributed ledger technology with full settlement finality and transaction privacy
  • Utilization of different types of data structures
  • Implementation of distributed computing mechanisms and cryptographic techniques
  • Exchange of message using message passing phenomenon of a distributed peer-to-peer network
  • Client’s records/transactions saved using public/private keys
  • Enhanced security and privacy enabled with encrypted blocks forming a chain
  • Ensure all users have a safe experience with high-security standards with continuous assessment via complex algorithms

The Outcome

Successful market-ready blockchain applications were rendered to our esteemed clients which occupied 100% customer satisfaction. The successful analytic reports of the apps proved the worth of work done by our craftsmen.

The distributed structure strengthened the application's security with the advanced encryption and verification instances, thus maintaining the system control authority that is a basic necessity of a blockchain supported app.

Given its potential to accelerate the flow of data and eliminate administrative expenses, blockchain allows dynamizing processes in the same way as to reduce costs.

FYN (FundYourselfNow) is a real-time crowdfunding platform built on Blockchain which makes use of ethereum and smart contracts to deliver an unparalleled user experience.

FYN approached us to create a web-based application that must act as an innovative platform to allow project creators/promoters to raise funds for their projects using cryptocurrencies without the need for technical knowledge. We helped FYN to build a crowd sale platform built on blockchain technology.




Top Mobile Application and Website Development Company in USA. We’ve got experience of 10+ years in designing, developing, and delivering digital software.

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NetSet Software Solutions

NetSet Software Solutions

Top Mobile Application and Website Development Company in USA. We’ve got experience of 10+ years in designing, developing, and delivering digital software.

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