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Application development is the need of the hour for all the software development companies as mobile applications facilitate work in a multitude of sectors accounting for more than 6 billion mobile users to exist by the end of 2020.

The mobile app market is expanding at a great pace where many entrepreneurs and marketers have inclined their business focus on mobile app development to make a contribution to the innovations brought up by innovative apps.

Then comes the frequently asked question by those who have specific ideas or need and have decided to develop an application: How much will it cost to create an App?

And the answer to this depends upon the distinct factors that are directly proportional to the price that costs to develop an application. These include:

  • Technology chosen to develop it (native, multiplatform, web …)
  • Features it includes
  • Demands of design
  • User Interface
  • Platforms
  • And more…

This article will guide you in the best way to highlight the various dependable factors that influence the budget of developing an application in Singapore and other locales.

First, let’s see the different categories of apps we can have for development.

Types of Applications

Prior to knowing the cost that an application incurs in its development, it’s significant to know what type of app you intend to develop that can solve your problem and can also fulfill the market needs.

Mobile Application Types to Consider:

  • Basic Functionality Apps
    Apps build for personal use
  • Native Apps
    Apps relevant to education, businesses, entertainment, and more
  • Hybrid Apps
    Apps relevant to lifestyle or games
  • Database Driven Apps
    Complex apps for data storage

There are some major forces that can help you determine the mobile app price and gradually when you’ll keep on reading you will get familiar with all of those.

How do you Calculate how much it Costs to create an App?

It is a million dollar question, but honestly there is no single price for the development of an application.

Therefore, before analyzing all the factors that influence the final cost of a custom developed App, I am going to tell you what must be taken into account to calculate its price.

Before starting, you should know that there is no magic formula and an application’s price can vary depending on its specific characteristics, because not all Apps are the same nor do they have the same requirements.

Companies or entrepreneurs who start developing their own App can spend from a medium amount of money on simpler apps to a great amount of money on complex applications.

But how does an app development company calculate the price that the entire process will cost? The formula is simple:

App Cost = Performance Time x Cost per Hour

Development companies calculate the cost by multiplying the hours they spend developing each function included in the App (performance time) by the price they charge per hour.

Application Development Cost Varies as per Location

And how do these companies define their hourly rates?
Why do some charge more and others charge less?

Mainly due to its location.
That is where the difference lies. A US-based development company or a UK established firm will be much more expensive than in India or Ukraine, for example.

The average hourly rate for an app development company based in the United States or Australia is usually $ 150/hour. In Europe, it is around € 100–120/ hour, but if you go to countries like India, we are talking about between $20- $80/hour, and this will undoubtedly affect the quality of development.

Next, another factor that will affect the final price of a custom native App is the platform on which it will be published. It can be on iOS or Android , or both at the same time. The price for each of them will be different.

Furthermore, the number of functions that the App will include is going to be decisive for its final price. If the application contains private access for users through login, social networks or email, for example, or a payment gateway, multi-language, a chat is integrated… the price will increase quite a bit.

Thus, the number of functions and the complexity in their development, will directly impact the final budget.

Finally, then comes the design part. Do you want a very basic App, or an application with a functional design, adapted to the UX and modern?

User experience and interface design are decisive for the success of an application, so creating a good set will have a significant impact on the final say.

In all the points listed above, the experience and the team that is hired for the development of the App also comes into play. Be it the programmer specialized in a platform or in developing functions, even an expert designer or the team of testers, each profile will have a specific rate per hour of performance.

[In the most advanced development companies, it is normal to have a team of up to 8 people working on a single project.]

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Distinct Variables to Create Apps that influence the Cost of Development

Here are some of the variables explained so you can get an idea of the parameters involved. Take a rundown:

1. Scheduler cost per hour

It is one of the most important factors and can range from around $30 per hour (Self-employed / freelance with little experience) to around $120 per hour (experienced consultants and specialized agencies).

2. Access to App data

It will depend on whether the application needs to be connected to servers to perform searches, update its information in real time and display the results, etc.

3. Geo-positioning for the application

Another factor to consider is if the users of the application need information depending on their location. For example, information from the nearest store could be displayed.

4. Augmented reality for the App

For example, in cases where you want the products offered through the application to be shown in a 3D image in a digital catalog.

5. Complexity of the application

Depending on the use that you want to make of the application, there are simple applications that are developed in a few hours and complex applications such as games or social networks, which require thousands of hours of work.

6. The content manager of the App

It depends on whether the contents are static or can be updated dynamically. The content manager or CMS is a determining factor, and in the event that these are dynamic, you would have two options:

  • Use a content manager with which the application has to be integrated.
  • Create a custom manager to modify the contents of the application.

7. Payment gateway for the App

The application in many cases may require a payment gateway to sell products through the App. This will depend on the various payment options offered by the application, if you need to integrate payment through the App stores or other payment gateways, etc.

8. User registration in the application

If the application requires the inclusion of a user registry, it will be more expensive. This will depend on the database that is carried out in terms of the size and type of data that it accumulates.

9. Sending push notifications

It is interesting to include the possibility of sending personalized messages to users through the application they have downloaded.

If this is the case of the application you want to create, you will have to take into account the type of notifications, if it is necessary to create a notification management interface or if it must be integrated with an existing system, etc.

This improvement in the design of the application entails an extra cost in the development of the same that you should anticipate within your budget.

10. Graphic design for the application

Logically, a simple design with menus and tabs as a template-based information sheet is not the same as applications that include interaction options for more advanced and complex users.

11. The number of platforms where it will be accessible

The platforms on which the application is going to be implemented and the number of them on which it must work are determining factors in calculating the cost.

In general, it is normal to create your App for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, which are the predominant operating systems for mobile devices today.

12. Integration with other systems

Development can be significantly complicated in the case of having to integrate the application with existing systems in the company (databases, user management, content manager, sending notifications, etc.).

Generally, the implementation of systems for an application is usually a very technical and expensive process that usually involves a significant cost in the development of the App.

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Some Deep Insights on Factors that Sway App Development Expenses

As mentioned above, the price of a mobile application depends on the combination of several factors. Let’s take a closer look at these:

1. Features

Some functionalities of an application require stipulated development time. Some can be “easy” to configure and won’t take long for the app developer while the complex ones would add on time for their completion.

However, if you want to know how much an app costs, you should know that other aspects will require more effort and, therefore, will be more expensive.

Say, a contact form can be added to the app quickly, but a geographic tracking system will require more effort.

2. User Interface(UI) and Design

The user interface and the design of the application are two essential elements for the application to be successful. At this point, it is also important that the client and the developer agree on the objectives to be achieved.

Clearly share your thoughts with the app developer so he can devote effort to what you truly consider important.


To know how much it costs to make an app, it is also essential to know which platforms it will be available. Do you want to create an application for iOS or Android? This question is important since there are differences between Android and iOS when creating a mobile app.

Global map showing OS preferences

Another question to ask yourself is: am I looking for a native, hybrid, or web application?

A native app will always be more expensive than a web or hybrid app.

But be careful: a native application has to be the best solution. Hybrid and web technologies are best suited for certain types of projects. Keep in mind that if you want to develop an application on multiple platforms, the price will definitely be higher.

4. Extra Costs

When analyzing how much it costs to make an app, you should not miss expenses such as investment in marketing or the cost of uploading the application to the different app stores.

  • How much does it cost to have an application in the Play Store? Registration as a developer has a cost of $ 25 (one-time payment). For each application that is uploaded, a new one-time payment of $ 25 will be made.
  • How much does it cost to publish an app on the Apple Store? The cost of registering as a developer is $ 99 with annual renewal. With this license, you can upload applications to the App Store.

The costs of data storage must also be taken into account in forecasting financial plans.

5. Maintenance Costs

Finally, don’t forget the maintenance data, such as updates and bug fixes. Releasing apps on the App Store and Play Store do not end the trail of your monetary expenses. The overall development cost also includes the money spent on app maintenance post-deployment.

Application Maintenance means to keep an app up-to-date which usually involves:

  • Bugs’ fixations
  • OS versions upgrade
  • App stability and enhancements
  • Code optimization
  • Scaling server architecture for increased user counts
  • Scope of App Development Project in Singapore?

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